What You Get!

Something to Consider! Your Possible New Transmitter Site.

FM, UHF, VHF, Point to Point, Government, LP FM & TV

The Price is Right!

We aren’t the Bargain Basement!
But, we are “much less expensive” than your current tower site.
        • 100 feet of transmission line instead of 1,000 feet.
        • Why Us? What We provide:
        • The Transmission Line
        • The backup transmission line.
        • Backup antenna.
        • Buildings are 90% more stable than towers.
        • Newest state-of-the-art antennas
        • (2) sources of emergency power
        • (3) 500 KW diesel generators
        • 9,000 gallons of emergency fuel
        • Introducing The Earth Engine. Totally off the grid. Runs on Rare Earth Magnets. NO Fossil Fuel, NO harmful pollutants, RF Shielded, 20 KW each
        • Emergency Super, Radio, and TV studios
        • (4) sources of Internet cable, fiber, (2) satellite
        • Our engineer (Carl T. Jones) does all the FCC engineering for your move to our site as a primary or backup site.
        • Radio horizon over 40 miles. To Boca Raton to the North. Key Largo to the South. Everglades to the West.
        • 24/7 local, live, on-site security on all doors. In the cloud, recorded for 6 months.
        • Security entrance, exit, temperatures, smoke, unlawful access.
        • RF shielded separate transmission rooms. For high power stations. 
        • No building permits are required.
        • Just bring your transmitter plant! We do everything else!